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Curriculum Story Walls

Curriculum Story Walls

Why we don’t use StoryPark

Displaying children’s work lets them know we value it – and them.

Curriculum Story Walls 1

Puss In Boots Morningside Child Care Centre believes in making learning visible to everyone who walks through our doors by creating and sustaining powerful cultures of learning in our rooms that nurture individual and group learning. Our educators take pride in displaying children’s learning on our beautifully displayed curriculum story walls. They are a powerful tool for children to articulate their learning to their families at the end of the day. When parents stop and engage with their child to look at the days learning on the curriculum walls, they gain an insight into what learning experiences their child has engaged in, thus giving them the means of continuing conversations at home with their child. Children feel a sense of accomplishment, seeing their work displayed and knowing they helped to create it. Documenting and displaying children’s learning on our curriculum walls helps parents understand the value of play and is an incredible window into their child’s world. Visible learning is all about children taking ownership for their learning.

By being able to see all the rooms learning displayed, families, children and educators celebrate each other’s work and gain a holistic picture of how the Service makes connections to philosophy. Our educators are able to devote more time to children, engaging them in meaningful and authentic learning experiences where educator and child interactions are not interrupted due to having to document on StoryPark (electronic documentation). Having uninterrupted, positive experiences between educators and children form the foundation of our curriculum and convey to children that they are respected and valued as competent and capable individuals.

Curriculum Story Walls 2

A childcare centre filled with the work of children is a delight to be in and sends a message to children that their work and their learning are important.