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Environments & Resources

Secure Welcoming Spaces

Our Morningside Child Care Centre is designed to support your child’s individual emotional, physical and cognitive needs throughout their journey with us. We place a high importance on the creation of secure, clean and welcoming spaces that build a sense of belonging for children and their families. Our vibrant, flexible environments are responsive to children and invite interactions, risk-taking, discovery, connections to nature, play and collaboration. A stimulating environment that is interesting and engaging will captivate children into deeper learning experiences.

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Inspire Curiosity & Support Discovery


Through our carefully planned environments we inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery with a variety of sensory rich spaces.

Interior environments are comfortable and cosy and reflect the unique personality of the Centre. With children’s works clearly on display and resources placed at children’s height, we give children a sense of ownership of the space.

Explore the Outdoors


Children have plenty of opportunity to move and explore with extended outdoor play spaces and natural environments to accommodate growing and inquisitive bodies.

Our centre is designed to capture natural light and to promote interaction with natural materials wherever possible.

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