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Extra-Curricular Activities

Puss in Boots Kids just wanna have fun…..


Life sure is busy for Brisbane families these days. Juggling work and family time means there’s not a lot of time left for children to participate in extracurricular activities. But, now there’s a way children can join in these extra curricular classes at Puss in Boots.

Remar Tennis

( Kindy 2 & Preschool )

Tuesday mornings (excluding school holidays)

Children enrolled in these classes will begin to learn and build their processing skills and physical ability using colourful equipment and fun game situations. Each week the lessons change to continually improve all of your children’s skills and learning abilities.




Billy’s Budddies

(  Junior Kindy 2, Kindy 2 & Preschool )

Wednesday mornings

Billy’s Buddies is a basic ball skills Program designed and owned by Billy Slater! The purpose of our Program is to develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and teamwork abilities in a fun and safe environment!

Like Billy, we want all of our children to become great team players and learn the importance of teamwork.





( Junior Kindy 2, Kindy 2, Preschool)

Thursday mornings

Physikids believe healthy active living should begin very early in life. For this to happen, children need to be exposed to experiences that promote exercise through a fun and encouraging environment. Therefore, generating a positive attitude towards physical activity!

Physikids believe in creating an atmosphere which is safe and secure, where self-confidence is nurtured and skills are developed and refined.

Physikids believe in extending a child’s learning from cognitive and gross motor development into a world of understanding and awareness.




Konnichiwa Kids Club Japanese Lessons

( Kindy 2 & Preschool )

Puss in Boots covers cost

Thursday mornings

Imagine Playschool live, interactive and totally in Japanese and you’ve got an idea what Konnichiwa Kids Club sessions are like.
We know children learn best when they are emotionally involved in their learning, and the best emotions of all are joy and enjoying. The Konnichiwa Kids Club program has been designed to be fun. Our original music enables children to learn sentence structures and vocabulary without even knowing they are doing so, games encourage children to join in and speak, stories invite children to read along, puppets engage the children in questioning and answering.



Hey Dee Ho Yoga Classes

( Kindy 2 & Preschool )

Puss in Boots covers cost

Friday mornings

Our Yoga Program is a perfect blend of relaxation techniques combined with noisy and animated fun that absolutely captivates the kids!
Our yoga instructor uses storytelling, games, music and props to engage the children on a mental and physical level, taking them on a journey of mind and spirit. Promoting health and well being, participants have a strong sense of self and belonging while stretching their bodies and brains in a playful and nurturing environment.
Focusing on breath and energy, they provide the children with basic tools that assist in managing anxiety and self regulation.



…and there’s more

Puss in Boots also provides at least one incursion a month at no cost to families. In the past incursions have included science shows, virtual reality experiences, environmental puppet shows, disability awareness talks, RSPCA visits, dental care, water safety shows, ocean life awareness and wildlife shows, just to name a few.

A child care centre hairdressing service is available every four weeks by Miss Bron, owner of Endorphin Hair and a past parent of Puss in Boots.

Puss in Boots holds a Christmas Sausage sizzle on the last Sunday in November each year. This is held at the Lota Foreshores and includes a magician, face painters, pony rides, and a coffee van (for our big kids).

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