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Learning & Educational Support

How do you provide the best for my child?


Our philosophy is all about encouraging your child to discover their own unique abilities and individuality. We do this by providing engaging educational programs, learning environment and activities and resources that will inspire your child. Our professional and highly qualified educators genuinely want to see your child succeed and will go over and above to tailor their approach to support your child’s development.

What do educational programs in Early Childhood achieve?


Our early childhood education program helps your child develop strong social, emotional and communication skills as well as physical strength and fitness. These are essential skills to help your child grow and lay the foundations for a life of learning. Children learn in unique ways during their first five years. Our programs feature play-based and child-driven activities to help your child reach their full potential.

What is the difference between ‘daycare’ or ‘childcare’ and ‘early learning’?


For those in the sector, the difference is more than just words – ‘daycare‘ or ‘childcare’ gives the impression that the service we provide is simply ‘care’. It’s much more than that: it’s care plus education. Early learning captures the essence of what Puss in Boots is all about – nurturing and stimulating environments that inspire a love of learning.

What support is available for children with additional needs?


We are passionate about ensuring all children have access to early learning and have facilities and resources in place in our centre to support children with specific requirements or additional needs – from allergies to greater care needs such as physical or learning disabilities or behavioural concerns. Please speak with your Centre Director about how we can work together to support your child’s individual needs.


Operational Details

What are the operating hours?


Puss in Boots Morningside Child Care Centre operating hours are 6.30am to 5.55 pm, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year. Our doors are closed on weekends and public holidays.

What happens if my scheduled day falls on a public holiday?


Puss in Boots, along with many other providers in the sector, closes for public holidays. If your scheduled booked day falls on public holidays, fees will still apply as staff and operating costs still need to be covered. The Australian Government’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS) covers up to 42 absence days a year, which includes public holidays. So unless you exceed this quota, you will be eligible for the CCS discount on public holidays.

Do I still need to pay for a scheduled day if my child is sick?


Yes, fees still apply for sick days. The Child Care Subsidy will cover up to 42 absence days a year with no documentation and unlimited sick days if you’re able to provide a medical certificate.

What to Bring to Puss In Boots

What do I need to pack in my child’s bag?


  • A sun safe broad brimmed hat which covers your child’s face, neck and ears
  • Change of clothes (when involved with hands-on play-based learning, your child may get a little messy!)
  • Comfort item (if required), such as a soft toy or blanket
  • Dummy in a sealed, named container (if required)
  • Water bottle, clearly named
  • Bottles & Expressed milk (if required)

Puss in Boots supplies bed linen and nappies


What if my child needs medication?


If your child requires medication for any reason, please give these to centre staff to manage directly. Please note our centre has formal processes in place to support children who require short or long-term medications as well as management plans for children with any known medical conditions. Please speak further with our centre staff regarding this.


Do I need to pack sunscreen?


As a sun-safe organisation we provide child-friendly sunscreen, however if your child has sensitive skin please feel free to provide your preferred brand.

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