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Friday Fun Days

Friday Fun Days at Puss in Boots

One of the hallmarks of Puss In Boots is Friday Fun Day. We base our entire philosophy on having fun and learning through play, but Friday Fun Day takes the fun to a higher level.

Parents are encouraged to join us at our Morningside Child Care Centre for Friday Fun Days, but we recommend that you wear something silly to fit in with the calendar of events and educators. While we have fun the rest of the week, the accent is often on recreation designed to foster your child’s intellectual or physical development. On Fridays, there is even more fun, and learning is even more voluntary than usual.

We encourage costumes and our educators often wear them. The environment is more raucous. Basically, Fridays are a reward for making it through the week. We want your child to look forward to coming back on Monday and Fun Fridays are a great way to accomplish just that.


At Puss In Boots, our motto is
Learning Through Play”. Studies from outside agencies and the Australian Government indicate that children learn better during directed playing than they do by any other means.

According to the book “Einstein Never Used Flashcards,” there are five ingredients that are seen as crucial to children’s play. First, it must be enjoyable and pleasurable; second, there must be no extrinsic goals. In other words, learning is not dictated by adults, but by the child’s own direction.


Play must also be spontaneous and voluntary. While our Room Leaders often engage the children in group games, the way they play the games is left to their own imagination whenever possible. This satisfies another element: that the player be actively engaged.

The last element is that play should include some make-believe. While this isn’t always the case, many of our games have a very strong element of imagination, allowing your children to express their creativity to the fullest potential.

If you would like to learn more about learning by play and visit a Friday Fun Day, please let your child’s Room Leader know or contact office staff. There is nothing more fun for us than to watch you, your children and our educators have a great time together.


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