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Open Door Policy

Our Families Welcome Anytime

Puss in Boots has an Open-Door policy where parents and families are welcome to join in learning activities and celebrate events and special days with us. Participation by parents, guardians and families imparts a positive impression to your child and allows them to feel supported as well as a sense of belonging.

Come & Meet Us

Open Door Policy

Opportunities for Involvement


Parents may visit their children in our facilities any time they wish. We do ask parents who plan to visit their children frequently to follow the classroom routine, to avoid disturbing classroom schedules and activities.

If you wish to meet with the Director or a staff member, please make an appointment so that arrangements can be made.

There are many opportunities for involvement for our families. We understand that time can be precious for all parents, which is why we accommodate many forms of involvement to assist you and your child, and in turn benefits the Morningside Child Care Centre as a whole.

Our Early Learning Environment