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The First Day

New Experiences


The first day of child care is a time of excitement and uncertainty for many families. It is common for children (and parents) to experience feelings of anxiety in the lead up to starting care. In children, these feelings are often caused by a fear of the unknown, as the child has no point of reference to draw upon when they are faced with a new environment or experience.


To assist children and families in the adjustment process we offer two complimentary orientation mornings from 9am – 12pm so that the child and parent/s can become familiar with the new environment, the child can begin to bond with the educators and the parent/s can discuss their child’s routine and behaviour patterns with educators. Once your child’s enrolment is finalised, you will be invited to book in an orientation. This will be at a time and date that is convenient for you and your little one.

The First Day

Building Routines & Relationships


It takes time for them to adjust to their routine, build relationships, and understand that Puss in Boots is a fun, safe, and happy place.

Some children take to their new environment with ease; whereas others may initially suffer from separation anxiety. This is completely normal, and will pass in time.


Our Educators will use this knowledge to help your child through the settling in period to the time when your child will excitedly come into the room anticipating the day at the Morningside Child Care Centre.

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